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QOEN Consulting is increasingly being asked by our clients “how can we best make our voice heard to change and amend existing laws, policies or strategies”? 

Several of our clients from Civil Society Organisations and United Nations agencies see their landscapes of work changing. Government agencies are increasingly delivering social services in a more effective manner. However, when looking at the policy landscapes in the sectors we work, there are many challenges to be overcome. But the “promise” of a positive policy change is that it touches on the lives of many people, or even an entire nation. A small policy change can lead to big changes in the lives of all affected individuals. Therefore, it is worthwhile to work on advocacy and policy development, despite the challenges and long term timespan these activities may bring.

Many of us feel like spectators nowadays, when it comes to participating in activities related to policy change. It almost seems as if nobody will speak for your interests if you are not well organised. And most of us are not in the club of the decision makers, and even if we are, how can we really exert any influence over the bigger issues at stake. We have also never been taught how to address our challenges at the policy levels, and yet, if we are not raising our voice, somebody else will decide on our behalf.


In reality any of us actually have the capacity to become powerful advocates. Several advocacy NGOs/CSOs and international agencies have achieved good results. But good advocacy requires clarity of purpose, thorough preparation, imagination, and sometimes sheer luck.
QOEN Consulting supports you and your agency with advice, tools and skills building for advocacy and policy development activities. This support helps our participants to plan and strategize for policy change, and plan for advocacy campaigns.

Starting with a thorough "Policy Analysis", QOEN Consulting will provide the necessary background information in relation to a specific sector policy. QOEN Consulting uses in-depth "Stakeholder Analysis & Mapping", to identify the best alliances and multi-stakeholder partnerships, or to assess an ongoing partnership, in order to prepare for an effective campaign. QOEN Consulting facilitates successful "multi-stakeholder dialogue", and facilitates multi-stakeholder partnerships, alliances, or networks for advocacy work. "QOEN Consulting supports with Policy Mapping tools and techniques., QOEN Consulting provides support with effective Advocacy Campaigns and "Communications Strategies", and messaging to plan ahead and create an effective advocacy campaign.

QOEN Consulting uses "Results Based Management" and "Outcome Mapping" as an approach to effectively monitor advocacy work. This approach uses progress markers and advocacy indicators to monitor progress. The approach can also include the development of "risk management strategies", and support to the development of a "policy campaign" and Advocacy Strategy. We sincerely believe that with dedication, thorough planning and the right mindset, we can support your advocacy campaign development, and through you, hope to make a difference in this world..

Policy Analysis

If policy change is needed, it is important to assess and research the current and applicable policies. We. Will need to understand the reasons behind the current policy directives and the legitimacy of the policy process that was conducted. QOEN Consulting provides support with conducting a thorough policy analysis leading to recommendations for the envisaged policy change process.


Policy Mapping

In order to change policies, we need a detailed understanding of the policy process, and the various meetings and opportunities for “making the case” of your advocacy endeavor. QOEN Consulting helps map out the policy process, and prepare agencies for meaningful agency contributions along the way.


Stakeholder Analysis

Working together with a range of different stakeholders can be challenging. This is because each stakeholder has its own motivations, interests and capacities to exert influence over a project or a sector policy. QOEN Consulting supports you with in-depth stakeholder analysis and provides recommendations for futher actions.


Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

If several agencies are pursuing common objectives, they often choose to create or become a member of a network, alliance or consortium. Managing the structures and dynamics of such partnerships can be challenging. QOEN Consulting provides you with support in analysing and strengthening your partnerships management.


Advocacy Campaigns Design

Successful Advocacy Campaigns are generally highly creative endeavors. High quality evidence for “making the case” is essential. Presenting such evidence is yet another matter that often doesn’t land with your stakeholders. QOEN Consulting can support you with adequate communications strategies and design of your Advocacy Campaign.


Advocacy Strategy Development

The success of advocacy activities depends highly on the level of preparation, planning and available resources. The choice of stakeholders and the choice of various media for targeting these stakeholders need to be carefully planned. Good preparation, planning and information, will contribute to a significantly better implementation of your Advocacy activities. QOEN Consulting can support you with the development of your Advocacy Strategy.