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Would you like to set up an effective way to work with other development agencies towards a common goal? But you are not certain what different structures and collaborative mechanisms are the best for you? Or are you already working jointly with other agencies to reach a common goal? Do you find that working with other agencies is challenging?

QOEN Consulting provides technical advice and support to agencies that are interested to work in a partnership, for example by establishing an alliance, a consortium, a thematic working group, or alike. In such partnerships, both the partnership structures, as well as the dynamics in interaction between the partners are key to the success or failure of such a partnership.

Among the Sustainable Development Goals, there is a specific goal dedicated to work in Partnerships. This is SDG 17. [insert image of SDG 17]. Working in partnerships could happen through different organizational structures such as alliances, consortiums, networks. Sometimes even completely new organisations are created out of a multi-stakeholder partnership. Working in partnership is a challenging undertaking. These partnerships usually consist of a multitude of agencies, each working in the interest of achieving results against their own mandates. Just imagine the difficulties we experience when Non-Governmental Organisations, or United Nations Agencies are talking and partnering with private sector entities. It often starts with good intentions, but different sectors often speak a different jargon when talking about similar topics.

Partnerships, networks and alliances can not be managed like projects. Working through partnerships means working in a complex environment in which the working environment changes continuously. Also the inputs and contributions of its members keep on changing as their interests and experiences evolve. Since participation in a partnership is mostly voluntary, and only works when results are achieved in pursuit of a common goal, its success depends heavily on the contributions of its members.

However, working through partnerships is based on the assumption that each member will bring their comparative advantages and strengths to the forefront, which will heavily increase chances for success and bringing changes in society succesfully.

facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships

Working together with a multitude of organisations can be outright challenging. Having common objectives, but also having different interests generates a truly dynamic exchange and dialogue. If managed well, the partnership can be a source of inspiration, learning and progress. If not managed well, the partnership can become a waste of time, resources, and frustration. QOEN helps facilitate these multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues in an objective, neutral manner, with the objective to develop an inspiring, fruitful, meaningful development dialogue. 

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organising multi-stakeholder partnership structures

The most successful multi-stakeholder partnerships work with well developed partnership strategies, steering structures, operational systems & processes, and are able to generate and manage knowledge, have a  learning function & are open to new solutions and innovation, QOEN is providing support to analyze, provide advice and facilitate strengthening of multi-stakeholder partnership structures. We are able to establish a baseline and develop progress markers for capacity strengthening of the partnership. 

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Managing multi-stakeholder partnership dynamics

Successful Interaction between different organisations requires high quality communication. Although multiple partner organisations are joining forces because they have common objectives, those same organisations may have very different interests to pursue. High level communication needs to be facilitated during all fases of the partnership activities, from beginning until the end. QOEN is providing assessments of the different roles of the partners, and facilitates multi-stakeholder communication processes, at all time to seek a successful continuation of the partnership.. 

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