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Government Agencies, particularly at the subnational levels (provincial, district levels) are often struggling with the question on how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into their sub-national plans and strategies. 

In many occasions, the sub-national level government staff have heard about these SDG’s but may not fully comprehend how these can be integrated into their work.

National level development plans, increasingly include reference to the SDGs in their 5 year/multi-year forecasts. At national level, often through Ministries of Planning, comprehensive sets of indicators are being formulated, discussed and operationalized throughout the government agencies. In many countries, however, we see a disconnect between the Provincial and District level policies, and the National level, both in the strategic directions, as well as in the indicator structures.

Localising the SDG’s is a major challenge in many development contexts, since oftentimes capacities to translate the SDGs into local level realities and outcomes are limited. QOEN Consulting facilitates capacity building and dialogue among government representatives to develop their capacity to plan for tangible, yet sustainable change and development at the sub-national level.

How can we help?

QOEN Consulting has provided support to sub-national level strategic planning. Jointly with a team of government officials, QOEN facilitates technical support to, or a review of “sector plans or sector strategies”, and facilitates discussion and dialogue among multiple sector officials, to ensure that each of the sectors are able to propose their sector plans, budgetary requirements and staffing needs into the multi-year subnational plan. QOEN Consulting has expertise to assess and provide technical support on inclusive and participatory bottom up development planning.

QOEN Consulting supports capacity strengthening of sub-national government officials to strengthen their skills in planning, service delivery, accountable governance and data-collection methods. At this sub-national level QOEN Consulting is also facilitating and organizing dialogue among various stakeholders to ensure their interests get taken on board in development planning exercises.

inclusive development planning

Not all different interests groups are included in sub-national development plans. Women, Youth, People with Disabilities, LGBT+, and other vulnerable groups find it very difficult to be heard during community / district / provincial planning processes. Their voice must be heard, and their interests and special needs must be addressed. QOEN provides advice and facilitates inclusion of all voices into these planning processes.


provincial or district planning

Many sub-national government authorities struggle with preparing good quality development plans. Lack of experience, or inadequate inclusive planning processes, or disconnects with higher public administrative levels and funding create important challenges to development plans. QOEN supports sub-national administrations with analysis of the planning processes and with writing clear, feasible and relevant development plans. 


including the SDG’s in development planning

At sub-national governance levels, most government officials are not much aware of the Sustainable Development Goals, and even if they have heard of these global goals, how would they apply these and use these in a practical manner at the sub-national level. QOEN supports sub-national public administrations with awareness raising on the SDGs, and provides advice on how to apply these in sub-national plans and policy processes..