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The Logical or Results Framework approach helps your agency with the planning of a project, program or initiative. It helps you think through and plan the activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts of a project. The tool supports you with the formulation of a risk management strategy, the development of indicators, and the design of a monitoring system, and data collection methods.

intervention logic,

Are you confused about the differences between activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts? A sound project design includes a logic plan that outlines how your activities and outputs contribute to outcomes and impacts. QOEN can provide support to clarify your logical or results framework.


We all want to measure how well our projects are doing. We can measure success by formulating a good set of indicators, and by establishing a baseline against which we can measure how far we have come. QOEN provides support with formulating indicators, and establishing baselines. 


In order to measure progress on your project or policy, we need data on each of your indicators. Data collection is not always easy. What data do you collect? How? When? Where? and how do you make sense of it? Which different data collection methods are appropriate for my project? QOEN can support you with designing cost-efficient data collection methods

risk management

If you believe Murphy's law ("what CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong), you need a good risk management plan. How do you identify risks? How do you assess them? and how do you formulate measures to manage and control the risks? QOEN is supporting clients with the formulation of risk-management plans.