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Situation and Context Analysis

QOEN Consulting conducts Situation and Context analysis for any project, program or initiative. The analysis will address at a minimum the political, economical, social, technological, legal, environmental, gender, inclusion (Leave No One Behind), and social protection (Do No Harm) aspects related to a project, program or initiative. 


A context analysis studies the context or a sector in which a project or an organization works. The study will address the realities of a project from a political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental perspective. Such a study may also look at relevant cross cutting themes such as gender, inclusion, social protection or alike. QOEN Consulting has rich experience and provides support with conducting context analysis studies. 


In order to successfully contribute to change in a society, it is of course important to study the various capacities responsible to make a difference. This means that organizational capacities, as well as staff capacities need to be looked at, as well as any applicable rules, regulations, processes and institutions. QOEN Consulting support agencies with conducting institutional capacity assessments. 


The context or working environment of any organization is heavily influenced by its policy environment. Which policies are applicable in a sector? Are these the right policies? Are these developed in a legitimate, inclusive and representative manner? What are the policy processes that determine what is happening in a society? QOEN Consulting provides support with policy analysis and policy assessment. Read more....