ASEAN Social and Cultural Blueprint: measuring progress

How are the ASEAN countries monitoring its Social and Cultural progress?

In assignment for MDF Asia I traveled to Jakarta to start an assignment to review the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint 2025. This Blueprint is essentially a document that describes how the ASEAN Community would like to monitor its progress on a wide spectrum of social and cultural developments. ASEAN countries have set themselves a wide range of sustainable development goals.

With a team of MDF colleagues, I have started this exciting assignment to make sense out of how ASEAN could monitor its progress on these goals. We are looking at the indicators, and the data collection methods to collect evidence by ASEAN member states.

The ASEAN member countries among others would like its people to get more involved in the ASEAN community policies, decision making processes and institutions. ASEAN would like to reduce its barriers for people to participate and develop a more inclusive system that allows all groups with specific needs to express their voices. ASEAN also is actively pursuing to address important environmental challenges, such as climate change, rapid urban development, and mass consumption and production.